Our History

Improving health since 1901

Since Teva’s establishment in Jerusalem in 1901, our aim has been to help patients live longer, healthier lives.

As we work to find solutions to tomorrow’s biggest healthcare challenges, we look back with pride at our humble beginnings and past accomplishments. 

When, over a century ago, Chaim Salomon, Moshe Levin, and Yitschak Elstein came together in Jerusalem to form a small pharmaceutical business, they could not have imagined that their company would go on to be a world leader in the industry.


Established in Jerusalem in 1901, the company known today as Teva starts out as a small wholesale drug business that distributes imported medications.

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In the beginning...

A small wholesale drug business is established by Chaim Salomon, Moshe Levin and Yitschak Elstein.

The business is named S.L.E after its founders.


Conditions are ripe for establishing a local pharmaceutical industry. New manufacturing plants are founded and quickly gain momentum.

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A new pharmaceutical industry is founded

Salomon, Levin and Elstein open a small pharmaceutical plant called Assia (Aramaic for doctor) in Petah Tikva.

Other plants founded at this time include Zori in Tel Aviv and Teva established by Dr. Gunter Friedlander in Jerusalem.


During World War II, with the absence of imports, these plants are the sole source of pharmaceutical supplies for the local market and neighboring countries.


The local drug market expands rapidly. Established pharmaceutical manufacturing companies grow, including Teva.

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The founding of the State of Israel brings massive immigration and rapid growth of the local pharmaceutical market.


Teva begins trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) as the Teva Middle East Pharmaceutical Chemical Works Company Ltd.


A period of consolidation in the Israeli pharmaceutical industry begins, and culminates in the formation of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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Fiscal merger of Assia and Zori, marking a period of rapid growth. In 1968, Assia-Zori acquires a controlling stake in Teva.


Assia Chemical Industries Ltd., a chemical plant, is established in Petah Tikva, Israel. This plant would later become Teva’s API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) division.


Teva, Assia, and Zori unite to create Israel’s largest drug maker - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Eli Hurvitz becomes first CEO of the merged company.  Mr. Hurvitz, the beloved and highly respected leader, served as President and CEO in the years 1976-2002, and as Chairman of the Board from 2002-2010.

Photo credit: Moshe Shai


Teva takes its first step abroad into Europe with the acquisition of Orphahell in the Netherlands.


Teva expands internationally, capitalizing on the passing of the Hatch-Waxman Act to enter and transform the US market in the generics sector, marking the start of a period of robust growth.

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Acquisition of leading Israeli drug manufacturer Ikapharm. This Kfar Saba manufacturing facility was granted approval by the FDA in 1982.


Teva shares are registered for trading on NASDAQ.


US Hatch-Waxman Act is passed, enabling Teva’s entry into generic medicines in the 1990s.


Teva expands its US market share through a 50-50 joint venture with W.R. Grace.

The joint company acquires Lemmon in Sellersville, PA, facilitating Teva’s entry into the US market.


Teva acquires Abic, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Israel, and completes the acquisition of Israeli API producer Plantex Ltd.


Teva agrees to joint development of a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease with the Technion - Israel institute of Technology.


Establishing a strong multinational presence, Teva invests in a series of acquisitions that extend its global reach in the US and Europe. The company assumes leadership of the US generics sector, and launches its first specialty medicine.

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Teva purchases W.R Grace’s 50% share of TAG Pharmaceuticals and becomes full owner. Together with Lemmon, this creates Teva Pharmaceutical USA Inc.


Acquisition of GRYPharm - Germany.


Acquisition of Prosintex - Italy.


Teva opens its flagship Teva-Tech API production facility at Ramat Hovav in Israel’s Negev desert.


Acquisition of Biogal - Hungary, and ICI - Italy.


Acquisition of APS/Berk in the UK marks Teva’s first entry into a major Western European market.

Acquisition of Biocraft in the US, which includes development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Teva’s innovative new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) is approved by the FDA,  marketed and distributed through Teva Marion Partners in the US.


Acquisition of Pharmachemie Group – The Netherlands.


A leader in global markets

Teva continues to invest in major acquisitions of Canadian, US and EU pharmaceutical companies with subsidiaries in Latin America and elsewhere. Teva becomes the largest generic pharmaceutical company in North America, and strengthens its worldwide presence while broadening its pipeline and product offerings.

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Acquisition of Novopharm Ltd, the second largest producer of generics in Canada, and its Hungarian subsidiary Human. Teva becomes the largest generic pharmaceutical company in North America.


Teva’s innovative treatment for multiple sclerosis receives European Union approval. Teva begins marketing the treatment in Europe in cooperation with Aventis Pharma.

Teva gains full ownership of Teva Marion Partners, renamed Teva Neuroscience, and continues to market innovative products in North America.


Acquisition of Bayer Classics in France, including the Teva Santé manufacturing plant.

Acquisition of the Honeywell Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals plant in northern Italy, adds to the range of Teva's worldwide API products.


Acquisition of Regent Drugs Limited in India (renamed Teva API India Ltd.), which joins Teva’s API division.


Acquisition of Sicor Inc. and its subsidiaries, bringing together Teva's successful oral dose generic drugs franchise with Sicor's leading generic injectable business, API and biogenerics capabilities.


Teva's innovative drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is approved for marketing in Israel and the EU. The treatment is later approved by the FDA in 2006.


Acquisition of IVAX Corporation in the US strengthens Teva’s worldwide presence through subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America and the Far East. The acquisition brings Teva a rich pipeline of generic and proprietary products in the complementary areas of respiratory, CNS, and oncology.


Acquisition of Barr Pharmaceuticals in the US, including subsidiary PLIVA in Europe, enhances Teva’s leadership position in the US and key global markets, and strengthens Teva's portfolio and pipeline.

Acquisition of CoGenesys, a division of Human Genome Sciences in the US, brings additional R&D expertise to the organization.

Acquisition of Bentley Pharmaceuticals – Spain.


Joint venture with Japan-based Kowa Company, Ltd. establishes Teva-KOWA Pharma and positions Teva to supply generic pharmaceutical products to the Japanese market.

The following year, Teva-KOWA Pharma acquires a controlling interest in Taisho Pharmaceutical Industries, further expanding Teva-KOWA's operations in Japan.


Acquisition of Germany’s ratiopharm significantly increases Teva's market share in Europe, harnessing ratiopharm's excellent foundation for biosimilars, branded generics and tenders.

2010 – Today

Teva offers the world's largest medicine cabinet, providing medicines to about 200 million people around the world every day. With one of the most competitive operational networks in the industry, Teva now produces 1,800 unique molecules and a portfolio of 3,500 products, spanning generics, specialty and over the counter medicines.

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Acquisition of Taiyo, the third largest generics manufacturer in Japan, provides Teva with an expanded portfolio and a strong presence in the Japanese pharmaceutical market.


Acquisition of Cephalon and its global subsidiaries strengthens Teva’s therapeutic diversification while providing a leadership position in branded and specialty pharmaceuticals


Teva begins trading on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).


Joint venture with Handok provides Teva with entrance into the South Korean pharmaceutical market.


Acquisition of Labrys Biologics Inc. in the US opens the door for Teva to a strong and novel migraine prevention and treatment franchise within its CNS portfolio.


Teva acquired Auspex, in a deal expected to strengthen Teva's core central nervous system franchise for treatment of movement disorders.

Teva also acquired stakes in Gecko Health Innovations, Inc., Immuneering Corporation and Microchips Biotech, Inc.


In March 2016, Teva acquired Representaciones e Investigaciones Médicas, S.A. de C.V. (Rimsa), a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company in Mexico.


Teva establishes a business venture with Takeda, Japan's largest pharmaceutical company, leveraging Teva’s deep marketing expertise, commercial and medical excellence, with Takeda’s leading brand reputation and strong distribution presence in Japan, to ultimately serve millions of patients in this key market.


In August 2016, Teva acquired Allergan plc’s worldwide generic pharmaceuticals business, Actavis Generics, significantly expanding Teva’s generics product portfolio, R&D capabilities, product pipeline and global operational network.

The same year, Teva acquired Anda Inc, a leading distributor of generic pharmaceuticals in the US. This strategic move enables Teva to improve capabilities and flexibility in order to provide access to more patients throughout the US.


Teva initiated a restructuring process, focused on being a global leader in generics and biopharmaceuticals, and improving the lives of patients across the world.

From our humble beginnings, to shaping the worldwide generic medicine industry, we are now embarking on a new biopharmaceutical journey. Much has changed in healthcare since Teva was established over a century ago. But what has remained consistent is our deeply-rooted desire to offer accessible and innovative ways to help people live healthier lives.